Welcome! So about me, and why I took the blogging leap.

First, a little background.  I’ve never had a blog before.  I’ve never really posted anything of any length before in a forum like this.  I have no idea where to start.

Except. . .

When I turned 32, things went a bit mental.  In the one year, I started a Master’s Course with Ulster University (I’m a college drop out, I must be crazy!), I decided to stop berating myself about my weight and just start trying to live more healthfully, and it’s the year my pancreas told me it had finally had enough.  Suddenly I was tired all the time, I felt sick all the time, my weight soared.  On top of that, my poor health only added to the immense stress I was under and my doctor told me bluntly that if I didn’t slow down, learn to relax and look after my health, I was looking at a heart attack by 40.  It was bad, and turns out, it may have been bad for a very, very long time.  My consultant feels I might have been dealing with a bum pancreas and slowly but surely burgeoning Type II Diabetes since I was a kid. . .which would actually explain a lot! (See Grandma, all those times I said I felt sick, MOST of them were for real!)

Long story short, through a combination of pancreatic stimulants, a better diet (no more mini donuts, alas) and sheer bloody mindedness, my blood sugars are under control and falling solidly in the 5-8 range, I feel great and I’ve even started running.  And for all those who had to leap out of the way of that fat girl barrelling down the path in Marley Park, sorry!

There was a secondary effect to all of this as well.  When I first started trying to change my diet, I did some reading.  Then I did  some more.  Then when what I had read already just confused me, I went back and read some more.  My final conclusion?  About the only thing experts can agree on is that a diet full of healthy fats, protein and lots of vegetables balanced with adequate but not excessive amounts of slow-release carbohydrates is the best way to keep your sugars in check.  The more whole foods in your diet, the better.  The less processed your foods, the better.

I’m still learning, still reading, still trying.  I’ve also decided to share my experiences with the world, in the hopes that those in the same situation will find a kindred spirit, a place to exchange ideas, hope, help, inspiration, a place to share a dissenting opinion and a story of their own.

Here’s to you new friends.



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