Easy Lower Calorie Pork Stroganoff

I love to cook, and I love to experiment.  One of the things I’m looking forward to sharing most is the successful recipe experiments.

We had a long, hard, grueling afternoon when we went to Glendalough in County Wicklow.

Just too pretty to stay home, let's go hiking!
Just too pretty to stay home, let’s go hiking!

It was a beautiful day, too pretty not to get out hiking, but the trail we decided to follow (without checking our trail map, oops!) started off following the same route as a moderate trail, but quickly turned off and become an advanced trail!  Long story short, three hours later and two fairly verticle kilometers later, we came back home wrecked.  I didn’t want to get a take-away, but whatever I made for dinner had to be easy, quick, easy, delicious, easy and healthy.  Oh, and did I  mention easy?

A quick search of the fridge revealed outdoor raised pork strips,  some leftover garden peas and cooking cream.  In my pantry I found some spinach pasta and dried oyster mushrooms.  Oh the possibilities!

Easy Lower Calorie Pork Stroganoff

Serves 2

Approx. 560 calories per portion

You will need:

375g outdoor bred pork escalopes, trimmed of any fat and cut into strips

1 small red onion, finely diced

double handful of oyster mushrooms, sliced (if using dried, soak until mushrooms are soft and pliable)

1 clove garlic, sliced thinly

1/4 cup fresh garden peas

2 tablespoons plain low calorie yoghurt

1 heaped teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/4 to 1/2 cup cooking cream (depending on how much sauce you would like).  If you don’t have cooking cream, use light cream.

fresh herbs to taste

salt and pepper

170g spinach pasta


Bring salted water to the boil.

Whilst waiting on the water, chop the onion finely and slice the garlic clove into paper thin slices.  Add the pasta to the water and gently fry the onion and garlic in a pan with a tablespoon of organic rapeseed oil until the onion is transparent.  Add the pork, peas and mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper.  Let them saute while the pasta is boiling.

When the pork is coloured and nearly cooked through, add the yoghurt, Dijon mustard and cooking cream.  Stir gently and keep an eye on the sauce.  You want it to thicken, but not boil as it will separate.  Adjust the heat as necessary. Just before the pasta has finished cooking, turn the heat off under the stroganoff and stir in the chopped fresh herbs (I used sage, lovage, oregano, thyme, parsley and a hint of dill from my kitchen garden, but use whatever you like the flavour of).

When the pasta is cooked, drain it but do not run it under cold water.  Stir it gently and the heat will evaporate the excess moisture.  Divide the pasta into portions and ladle the stroganoff on top.

This is the perfect fast and easy dinner, and wont break the calorie bank.  It’s delicious, filling and satisfying.

Leave me a comment below to let me know how it worked for you!


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