No Cola Challenge Update – 1 Week In

It’s been seven days since my last diet cola.  Seven long, frustrating days.  I wake up every morning with this foremost in my mind. . .

copy right
Just one. I’ll just have one this morning to get me through the day and then I’m totally off them for the rest of the month!

I’ve done difficult things before (getting over my overwhelming terror of the dentist long enough to get a very painful broken tooth extracted springs to mind immediately) but this is so much worse.  I think it’s a perfect storm of nasty little mini challenges;  my local shop has started stocking the “50% extra free” cans of Pepsi Max for €1 and it seems like everywhere I look, there’s a Diet Coke or Pepsi Max staring me in the face.  My fiancé is using an old Pepsi Max can as an ashtray and it sits on the table next to his roughs for the next Neko the Kitty strip, glaring at me, mocking me as I pour myself yet another glass of water.

Ice water, what are you, a freakin' polar bear?  DRINK ME!
Ice water, what are you, a freakin’ polar bear? DRINK ME!

On top of the knee thing meaning I haven’t been able to run this week (in fact, for most of it I could barely walk), I’ve also had one of the worst college modules this week (Company Law) as both the notes and the module itself are like some kind of bad joke.  I’m stressed, tired and grumpy, and I have been CRAVING sweets like they were oxygen.  I’ve had three Snickers this past week.  That is so, so bad for someone who is 1) trying to lose weight and 2) diabetic!

You don't need those feet Paige, I'LL be your crutch!
You don’t need those feet Paige, I’LL be your crutch!

I know it will get better, everyone who has commented or sent me messages of support says so.  They all also agree that the first week is the hardest.  I just wish diet colas weren’t smiling at me from every supermarket and petrol station shelf.  It’s like the universe is throwing them at me!  We have pizza once a week to treat ourselves, and this past week we got a Dominos pizza (pan crust with pork meatballs and spinach, extra low fat cheese, aw yeah baby!) and they sent two cans of Diet Coke along for free!  FOR FREE!  It’s like the universe wants me to fail!  In the end, I didn’t have either one of them, but oh I really, really, REALLY ached for an ice cold Diet Coke poured over tinkling ice cubes.

Oh gods, I’d do terrible things for a diet cola right now. . .

**I have a paper due for this week, so updates may be a little more sparse than usual.  Bah, college!


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