30 Day Diet Cola Challenge – Week 2 Update

It’s been two weeks now.  Two weeks on only water or milk, and to be honest it has gotten easier.  The fatigue of the first week has passed and I don’t daydream about diet cola drinks now, though we have been out to dinner recently and it was a bit of a shock to the system to sit down to dinner and not order a Diet Coke!  I have noticed my body trying to compensate in other ways however.


Before the “diet cola diet” I wouldn’t drink overly much in a day, maybe a litre and a half, tops, a little more if I were running or yoga-ing.  Now however, I’m drinking more than two litres of water a day, the majority of it before I even finish work.  And do you know?  I really like it.  I’ve never been adverse to water, but if there were any other options around, I would take those.  Water was my drink of last resort.  Now I find it’s my first choice for nearly everything.

It’s also given me a new appreciation for my fruit infuser bottle.  Before I just used the bottle as a water bottle, the only reason I even bothered with a  fruit infuser bottle was because I liked the colour.  Now however, I don’t know if my favourite is strawberries and lemon wedges or lime, cucumber and mint!


One holdover from the first week is the sweet cravings.  I just want to live on cakes, candy bars, pastries and fruit juices – basically, if it’s sugary, I want it!  I haven’t given in since the horror of that first “3 Snickers in a week” week, but I’ve been eating my home grown strawberries nearly before they’re even ripe, burying my nose in my Sweetpea blossoms (the scent is so strong I can nearly taste it) and trying to find sweet alternatives that don’t contain artificial sugars.  I did indulge last week in a warm scone with jam and cream.  I could have cried, it was that delicious.

It’s really brought to the fore just how addicted not only to the caffeine in the diet colas I was, but the sweetness of them too.  Because of my dodgy pancreas, I’ve been trying to keep real sugar out of my diet as much as possible.  I never realised I had a sugar addiction too until the artificial stuff wasn’t there anymore to ease and mask the symptoms anymore.  I had just switched one addiction for another.

Getting Clean

I am more than halfway through my 30 day challenge now and whereas last week I couldn’t wait until the 30 days was over so I could have a Pepsi Max again, now I’m starting to think I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m thinking now that when I clear it, when I’m in the daylight again, it won’t be a big glass of diet cola waiting for me.  Maybe it will be a big glass of ice water, and that’s okay with me.

As long as there’s a lemon wedge in it.


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