Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it rains and sometimes the skies open up and dump everything on you.

This last few weeks have definitely fallen into this third category; first I wrench the tendons in my left knee, which took three long weeks to heal.  Second, my fiancé missed out on a job opportunity we really felt was in the bag.  Third, my boss is trying to pull a fast one on me with my new contract.  Fourth, it’s been a month since I’ve had a cola/diet cola and I have nothing to show for it.  Fifth, my car broke down and needed an expensive repair and lastly, my fiancé and I had a terrible row (see missed job opportunity above).  So what am I going to do about all of it?

Just keep swimming.

It’s a terribly simply philosophy, but beautiful in its inelegance.

Just keep swimming.

When it all seems too much, when the burden is too heavy to bear, don’t give up.

Just keep swimming.

Solutions will present themselves.

My knee is healed now.  I ran again last night, and whilst it hurt and my time was lousy and I couldn’t go as far as I was able to before the injury, it also felt amazing to finally be at it again. Keep swimming.

Gar missed out on this job opportunity, but others will come along.  He just has to keep looking and keep trying.  Keep swimming.

My new contract is open to discussion and I have the self belief to stay strong in the negotiations.  Keep swimming.

I have nothing to show for being off cola for a month.  Well, if I look at it, I do actually – I’ve proved I’m stronger than my addiction.  I can replace diet cola with water and be healthier for it.  I may not have noticed any changes in my weight and my skin has gotten bad (apparently a temporary side effect), but that is also very likely connected to the fact that I have spend most of the past month on my backside with my knee in the air, wrapped in an ice pack.  I bet if I gave it another month on my regular exercise routine, my weight would change.  We’ll have to see.  Keep swimming.

My car broke down.  Emergencies like this are why I’m part of the savings scheme at work.  That pool of money is there for just such occasions as this.  Keep swimming.

Gar and I had a terrible row.  Best friends fight, but best friends also talk it out, hold each other and grow stronger for the experience.  The anger is already forgotten.  Keep swimming.

Sometimes it feels like it’s been raining so long you don’t remember what blue sky looks like, but life also offers this promise; the sun will shine again.  Until it does, just keep swimming.


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