Recipe: Breakfast Taters!

Anyone who’s read my blog long enough knows I’m big into my breakfast, but knows I also hate cold cereal as a breakfast (cold food makes me ill in the morning) and toast is boring. The problem is, how do you find a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast that you can either cook or warm up in the mornings without taking forever?

Simple, breakfast potatoes!

breakfast spuds

There are several variations you can do with these. My favourite is the simple baked potato version, and even that can be done in two ways.

The first method, my personal favourite, is to bake the potatoes, then cut them in half and hollow them out, leaving a shell of the skin and a thick lining of potato. Mix this potato with scrambled egg, chopped, cooked rashers or sausage, a bit of cheese, some chives or spring onions and a dollop of low fat sour cream.  Spoon the mixture back into the potato skin and refrigerate.  These store really well and two only two minutes to heat up in the microwave in the morning.  A good sized potato (3-4 inches in diameter) and mixed with light cheese and sour cream will only set your back around 3oo calories.

If you would like to cut out a few of the calories, discard or use the scooped out potato in another recipe, and simply fill the potato skin with the egg mixture of your choice. Again, two minutes in the microwave is all this requires in the morning.  Discarding the inside of the potato can knock as much as 40 calories off each half potato, so in my opinion not really worth it, but I think the difference between these two methods is more personal preference regarding the amount of potato and how you want to eat it.

Top either with a mixed salad of rocket, cress and spinach for a vitamin packed, warm and tasty breakfast.

You can also turn your potatoes into a mini casserole for breakfast. Rather than baking the potatoes whole, cut them into chunks and season with a light oil, paprika, a dash of garlic and chilli and roast in the oven for 35 minutes or until tender.  When cooked, take them out and divide them among 5 casserole dishes.  Top with some spicy salsa, then eggs and a sprinkle of cheese.  Again, two minutes in the microwave should heat these through nicely.  Serve topped with some sliced of avocado and you’ve got a tasty breakfast casserole for under 350 calories.

However you want to prepare them, potatoes and eggs can be great friends and an inexpensive, healthy and quick breakfast!


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