About Ethical Food Muckery

I never know what to say on “about” pages, but I think they should give you an idea of who the writer is and what makes them tick.  Maybe even a few thoughts on what the blog is all about?  In that spirit:-

My name is Paige, I’m bouncing along through my early 30’s and I love food.  Really, really love food.  I also love sourcing it through ethical means, or even better, growing it myself.  I live in Dublin, Ireland with my wonderful (and often infuriating) fiancé Gar, cats Aleister, Ollie and Luna Belle, rabbits Cosmo and Dandelion Fluff, goldfish Cherry, Speedy, Fishler, Wall-ee, Eva and Moist Von Lipfish, beta fish Goddamn Shark and mountain minnows, the Monks.  It’s a full, and always crazy house, but they are what make it home.

The main focus of my blog is food, specifically ethical and responsibly sourced food.  I’ll feature a lot of recipes and some failed experiments just for laughs.  Because I strongly believe mental and spiritual well-being are also a major parts of our overall well-being, “mental health” posts will also feature regularly.  I may even sneak in some of our adventures around Ireland!

We have a Facebook page where I share items on permaculture, food and miscellanea and I’d invite you along to join the conversation!


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